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Beausoleil Boudoir


Who are we?

We aren't your average "girls only" boudoir club. We are as unique as the city of New Orleans and proud to call it home. Our style is a mix of light, bright and airy with an edge. We wanted to have a studio that could offer our clients options - from dark and moody to playful and bright. Knowing that every photographer has their own strengths we set out to create a team that could offer a tailored boudoir experience. Our clients have the choice to shoot with the photographer that fits them best, the option to shop our boudoir collective closet and the luxury to have hair and makeup artists available to change their looks throughout the session. 

Beausoleil Boudoir is sensuality manifested into images that you can share with a lover, the world or keep to yourself.

New Orleans is so full of character and so much talent. When the Beausoleil Boudoir was created we wanted to give clients the opportunity to choose the style of boudoir that they like the most. Do you love light, bright, playful boudoir or are you more of a dark, sultry, moody boudoir lover? With so many styles of sexy we wanted to collaborate with some of the most talented artists in one of the most diverse and memorable cities imaginable.

Each of the photographers that are apart of the boudoir collective bring a different feel to each session. A different style, a different mood and a different look and just like every women a different beauty. 

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Tina | Boudoir Stylist, Photographer & Manager

Boudoir has always been a passion of mine as a makeup artist. I have had the chance to work with many talented photographers over the years and have truly fallen in love with the whole boudoir experience. About a year ago, after searching for talented photographers to collaborate with, I discovered the style of boudoir I was searching for wasn't available for clients in New Orleans. I wanted to be apart of the experience, to help clients from before the shoot with wardrobe choices to during the shoot with styling and posing tips. I want to be an integral part of something that I feel so passionate about. 

David | Photographer & Editor

I never considered working in the boudoir industry on account of my extreme bashfulness, but Tina asked me to try it anyway. As luck would have it I turned out to be pretty good at it. My vast experience and studies in other forms of portraiture taught me how to pose flatteringly, how to adapt to any shoot, and how to use lighting in the most creative and moody ways possible. I was able to take a look I had sculpted for Fashion, Beauty and Musicians and apply it in a way that I found to be sensual and sexy. Once I realized the kind of looks I had created I never looked back.


Boudoir photography is not only a great gift but a fantastic and empowering experience everyone should have. Boudoir is something we are passionate about creating beautiful pieces of editorial-style art you will enjoy for years to come.



Your own private haven.


Our studio space :

New York Loft meets New Orleans Charm.

Our space is filled with amazing textures and 15 ft windows fill our space with light. We love working in a space where you are the focus and the surroundings just accentuate that.