Destination boudoir : Colorado | Ashley | adventures at the aibp retreat boulder

To say that we LOVE travel is an understatement.

Being a duo instead of only a singular photographer makes us exceptionally good at what we do because we bring both the beauty and photography with us. Unlike many traveling boudoir photographers who have to source unknown talant when they travel our team comes with us to provide the full, authentic Beausoleil Experience. No worry that the beauty team we choose won’t bring their A game! Travel boudoir is our jam not only because we love to travel but because we are good at working in places we have never worked before - both David and Tina scout the location we a working at to make sure that you have the best experience.

Beausoleil Boudoir AIBP-45.jpg
Beausoleil Boudoir AIBP-71.jpg
Beausoleil Boudoir AIBP-74.jpg