Happy Birthday to ME (Tina!) | why I got into boudoir and a self portrait session | New Orleans Outdoor Boudoir

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I get asked all the time "What got you into boudoir?", the answer to that is pretty fun. I got into actually running a boudoir photography company when a great friend of mine decided to move her boudoir company to Virginia. I have loved working with Jen Trombly of Breathless Boudoir for the past 6 years as her hair and makeup artist. During that time is when I really fell in love with boudoir as an art form.

One of my favorite things is running a business, which I already do with my hair and makeup company, Verde Beauty, but Beausoleil Boudoir gave me the chance to combine several of my passion, in fact my final art project of my AP Art class was the female form. I feel like so many paths brought me to boudoir - the study of the female form in art class, a focus in photography in high school, an amazing community of photographers in South Louisiana and the guidence of my mentor Jen. Combine all of my experience running the "behind the scenes" of a business, the love of transformation makeup provides and the study of the female form and add in an amazingly talented, albeit bashful, business partner you have the perfect mix that created Beausoleil Boudoir.

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Something that I want to share with all future clients... no, all women, is that boudoir is something that you can not only do for your lover but for yourself. I've NEVER felt photogenic - I'm not a good selfier, you can't just take a photo of me and it looks fabulous - but boudoir made me realize that is ok. I know now that I look better naked and that is something empowering - when I see a photo of myself that is just ok, I think to myself "You should see my boudoir photos!" - my own personal secret. lol

All that being said, I think that having someone help you pose, choose the best lingerie for your body type, help you relax and capture your best self is priceless and that is why I wanted so much to have a boudoir company.