Steph | Shooting with another Boudoir Photographer | Las Vegas Boudoir

Every year we travel out to Las Vegas for a PRO photography conference (WPPI) where we get to hang out with some of our friends in AIBP (Association of Boudoir Photographers).One of our favorite people to work with is Steph - but I have to admit that she is quite intimidating to work with because she is an amazing boudoir photographer out of San Antonio! On our first trip shooting outside of Las Vegas we came upon the Nelson Ghost Town - what a wonderful and interesting place! Old Cars. Open Skies. Amazing Views.

Nelson Ghost Town - Las Vegas

Nelson Ghost Town - Las Vegas

Shooting with Steph is Vegas was both hella sexy and intimidating since she is also a boudoir photographer (check out her work in San Antonio!). Not only is this woman badass ex-military she is also a business woman who knows just what she likes for boudoir. We got together where she shot me out in the desert (see it here!) and we got a chance to work with her.  

desert boudoir steph-5.jpg
desert boudoir steph-2.jpg

When David was shooting with Steph she absolutely found her groove when we got into this old VW Super Bug - she looks like she is out of an old movie. 

desert boudoir steph-4.jpg
desert boudoir steph-6.jpg